Action on Climate Change Greatest Public Policy Disaster Since Communism – Vaclav Klaus

Tonight I was sat not 20 feet from the President of the Czech Republic when he stated this, during his speech at the inaugural lecture of the Global Warming Policy Foundation – a policy unit set up by Lord Lawson amongst others to try and tame the extreme policies being devised to fight climate change. It is quite something to hear such a thing not only from a head of state, but one who has more than his fair share of experience with the disaster that was the communist experiment.

The speech – which will be publicly available soon – was an appeal to reason that seems all but lost as the climate campaigns become ever more vociferous, even with an increase in general scepticism and more and more scientific evidence against the so-called “consensus”; that man is solely responsible for a potential catastrophic change the Earth’s climate.

If there was any more evidence required that the lunatics have taken over the asylum; it now appears that such are the level of climate subsidies to renewable sources of energy that Spain discovered it can generate solar energy at night…. no that is not a mistake. Companies running the schemes have discovered that if they take a powerful electric light, powered from conventional sources, and shine it on the solar collectors at night the electricity produced would actually make them a profit! Little wonder the green industries of Germany and Spain are collapsing under a mountain of debt as the subsidy scheme unravels.

Similarly it can be said that such is the difference between unit cost of coal and wind sources of electricity that it is economically possible to build a wind turbine with a big electric fan in front of it, and again turn a profit!

Cannot anybody see the lunacy such a situation describes? We are on the brink of the worst spending cuts since the Second World War and what we do not need is billions more of what is left of our money poured into these ponzi schemes, which in the end will only benefit the creators of these schemes, certainly not the climate.

It is time to call an end to this bandwagon and bring common sense back to the table. There is much we must do to advance the way we generate our power in the future, but doing it by crippling businesses and consumers for the benefit of a few is no better than the banking system that brought us to the state we are in today.

It seems we never learn, but just make the same mistakes in a new way.

After the diversion of these last two posts business will return to normal with our next post on news from the IPExpo 2010 – taking place at Earl’s Court on 20-21 October.

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